New Year, New Vision!

~by Maria Marc~


Vision is what you will become. So what do you see?

At the dawn of a new year, most of us feel energized to steam ahead into a better year. But do you know where you are headed? Having vision helps you stay on track regardless of crises and challenges that occur.

Developing a vision is essential in the growth process, be it personal or business growth. Creating a vision is a deep-thinking and soul-searching process that can be narrowed to a career vision, position vision, team vision, or organization vision.

Michael Nichols (2012) splits the vision searching process into four core elements:

Core Convictions – The driving passion in our heart.

Convictions motivate us and describe who we are, not who we want to become. Convictions must stand the test of time and should address the following questions:

  1. What do I stand for? Why do I exist? What convictions do I personally bring to work?
  2. How would I describe my core convictions to children?
  3. If I were to start tomorrow a new business or career, what core convictions would I bring to it?

Now, identify the core convictions that are central to your life and work.

Core Purpose – It reveals who you exist to serve, and why.
  1. Why what you have to offer is important? Ask WHY five times?
  2. If you went out of business, what would be lost? Would you carry on the same path, or change?
  3. If you had enough money to retire, would you still keep doing what you do? If so, why?

Now, write down your core purpose.

Huge Goals – The focal point of efforts to reach the finish line.
  1. What are we building?
  2. Where do we want to go?
  3. What are we the best at?

Your goals must be challenging and ambitious to make them worth attempting. So, what does the top of the mountain look like for you?

Vivid Description – Helps translate the vision and goals from words into pictures…it includes passion, emotion, and conviction. It will take a page or two to write a specific, vibrant and engaging description of what it will be like to achieve your huge goals.

Now you are ready to craft your vision, a guide for your life’s work for years to come.

Writing out your vision brings clarity and focus to your work. Don’t forget to regularly review it and update it. When you can see it, you can build it!

They say dreams won’t work unless you do! So dream big and do what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Read, network, build new skills, find a mentor, ask questions, and take one step at a time. Give yourself permission to fail, discipline your mind to stay focused, and be good to yourself in the process.

“Crisis is the challenge and the opportunity to uncover what we value, rediscover what we need, redefine what gives us pleasure, re-create a meaningful life, and reconfigure the inner workings of self.”
~ Laura Day


Meet the Author: Maria Marc   

New Year, New Vision! 1

Maria Marc

Maria recently launched her own consulting practice,, through which she offers support in the areas of organizational change, continuous improvement and career transition.

Learn more about Maria:

*Maria is a regular contributor for Leadership Girl.


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