Next Generation's Leaders

Next Generation’s Leaders

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of eating lunch with three girls who I am pretty sure will be next generation’s leaders.  They are three girls who collectively sold almost 9000 boxes of girl scout cookies this year, and are the three top sellers in our council.  The girl in the middle is my youngest daughter, who placed second in this year’s sale, at 3041 boxes.  That puts her lifetime total at about 9400 boxes.  She’s in 6th Grade.

Girl Scout Cookies, and the Girl Scout Program, isn’t just about doing crafts, and being cute little girls.  Girl Scouts is about teaching girls skills to become tomorrow’s business leaders.  The Cookie Program is, at it’s core, a business program.  Girls learn marketing skills, sales skills, and so much more.

I’m so pleased to know some of these girls who are taking the lessons to heart, and putting them into action.

Congratulations Girls!