66 / 100

One of the fun things I’m doing with this new business is planning, then testing out how things work, then planning some more. It is a never ending cycle, which will never result in perfection, but hopefully will result in a viable, healthy home care business.

We are quickly discovering, that very few things go quite to plan. For instance, we are trying to set up payroll, but can’t use starter checks for that. So we have to find another way to do it. Worker’s comp is brutally expensive, so we have to find a way to pay a graduated fee, so that we don’t burn through all of our cash in one sitting. Little things like that.

Plan, test, analyze, see what works, and see what doesn’t.  Plan, test. Plan, test. It’s an endless loop, that goes around and around.

I think that no business ever quite works as advertised or quite as planned, in the timelines originally planned for. That is OK. It’s about adapting to ever-changing conditions, and educating ourselves to handle the conditions to the best of our ability.

In the end we will be successful, if we only keep plugging away at the problems.