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What is business analytics? The business analytics study program focuses on utilizing skills, applications, practices, and technology to explore iteration continuously. It is also related to investigating previous business performance and creating ideas for the next business plan.

Previously, the Business Analytics Study Program was only available as a master’s degree. People interested in this course of study needed to earn a bachelor’s degree in general business and management first before entering these programs. However, some colleges have begun to specify their study programs since the bachelor programs. As a result, although there is still a bachelor’s degree in general business and management, some specific analytics programs are also provided. It includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics study program.

Reasons to Learn Business Analytics

People may have their reasons why they choose a certain study program. It can be because of their passion. Or, they also think that the program seems to have big prospects in the future. But of course, some study programs offer some specific reasons why people need to consider choosing them. It is included if you take a Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics. So, here are some reasons to take the program.

First, you will learn about business implementations earlier. The courses included in this study program tend to be more applicable. It focuses more on utilizing skills you have to develop a business through good strategies and management. Some skills are learned if you take the general business study program for sure, but they tend to be more theoretical. Meanwhile, in the real business world, you need to implement things, more than just sharing theories. Therefore, by learning about them earlier, you have more time to develop these skills.

Second, in the program, you can also learn about quantitative analysis. Business Analytics Science itself is indeed about data processing. You can just imagine how puzzling it is. If the entire knowledge of data processing is given at the master’s level, it must be not enough. Many master students of business analysis complain about how it is very difficult to grasp it since the basic knowledge they have is really limited. Learning about quantitative analysis in a bachelor’s degree program helps you when working on your master degree.

Third, the main goal of business analytics is to produce fast and efficient decisions. When you are involved in real-world business, whether as an analyst or as an entrepreneur, you need to make fast and precise decisions. Unfortunately, although it sounds easy, it is very difficult to implement, especially if you haven’t formed the habit. Well, in the Business Analytics Study Program, you are trained to make fast and efficient decisions to profit your business and company.

Pros of Learning Business Analytics in College

The Business Study Program itself is one of the most popular study programs to take. Understandable, since business itself is a part of our life that cannot be separated. Therefore, gaining knowledge in this area tends to be more beneficial. But for a specific business program like Business Analytics, what are the benefits you can get? Well, here they are.

The first benefit as the business analytics graduate, you have enough preparation to enter the business world. You have more than skills and strategies to manage the business. You also have experience, since the courses themselves are more applicable. Of course, this is a very important thing. When running a business, theories are not enough. From experiences, you can learn and then be better.

Second, it is related to the prospect in the employment world. As a fresh graduate, you may be struggling to get a job. Interestingly, the business analytics study program is one of them that is highly demanded recently. Many companies consider hiring these graduates because of the specific knowledge they have gained in the college. It is mainly related to strategy implementation and data analysis. Not all business study programs learn about them in detail.

Third, the study program also offers you a bigger opportunity to be an entrepreneur. If being an entrepreneur and opening your own business is your life goal, choosing this program is a good decision. Again, it is because of the applicative knowledge you have gained in college. Although you may pass through a series of problems just like other entrepreneurs, at least, the basic strategies and experiences to be an entrepreneur have been given to you.

Related Study Programs to Business Analytics

Although the bachelor’s degree in business analytics has been developed in some colleges in the world, many others may not. Therefore, the program is probably not too easy to join. But you should not worry; some related study programs deal with the knowledge of business analytics. Those programs can be good alternatives in case you are interested in Business Analytics but don’t have a chance to enroll in it. What are they?

The first program is Business Math. Compared to Business Analytics, this program is even rarer but you can choose it if you want. Business Math also lets you learn about how to process quantitative data. The courses require you to explore your analysis skills and logical thinking to solve various problems in business and management.

Second, there is also Business Information Systems. It is quite similar to the Business Analytics Program because of the focus on strategy applications. However, this study program also highlights the combination of technology and business knowledge. This program is suitable for you who are interested to work in the business area related to information technology.

Information and Communication Technology Business Management is the next option to choose. Similar to Business Information Systems, the program focuses on the application of business strategies. This specifically deals with information and communication technology. Because of the development of technology nowadays, this study program is very relevant.


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