Believe it or not, I’m a firm believer in the power of exercise.  I have seen my dad retire from work, and sit on his hiney for years, and deteriorate very quickly.  It is amazing how fast the human body goes downhill when there is no exercise.  I think that the body really requires a certain amount of movement, just to keep going.  If you think about it so many things are exacerbated by lack of exercise- constipation, swollen feet and ankles, and general stiffness.

So, if you’re busy, and you’ve got 5000 things going on- at least- how do you get exercise in?  What tips do you have for making sure that you do it.  I mean, really, it’s super easy to set that alarm clock for early, and just hop out of bed, and go to the gym, right?  I mean, that sounds so good in the evening hours, but when that alarm clock goes off in the morning, how likely are you to really go out and exercise?  I know that my husband gets up every morning and heads to the gym.

I’m not that good.  Really I’m not.  I like my sleep, in case you haven’t guessed by now.  That snooze button and I are very good friends.  I also have at least a dozen reasons why I  don’t have time to exercise on any given day.  Really, I don’t.  I have things that need to be done, and they need to be done in a timely manner.  But like I said above, I think that the human body needs exercise.  I really don’t like to exercise, and won’t do it on my own.  Will.Not.Do.It.

That’s when I start pulling mind tricks on myself.  It’s really hard to ignore the personal trainer who’s going to come and ring my doorbell at 7:00 AM.  – WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?  I like my sleep.  Oh yeah.  I need to exercise.  So I set myself up so I can’t just keep hitting the snooze button, because Weaselslider is going to let the trainer in the door.  And I know that there will be a gong in my future.  My kids would LOVE to get me with the gong.  But they’re not going to, because I’m going to get my rear out of bed, and be waiting just in the nick of time, so I don’t get gonged, or a bucket of water on my head.  And I’m going to exercise. Because it’s good for me, right?

Really, all that psyching up is entirely necessary.  I set myself up so I can’t fail.  Now I need to figure out how to do the same thing with my diet… Hmm….