I’m making my first foray into book authorship. It is going to be a great resource on how to choose a quality Home Care Business.  In doing some research, I discovered that there is very little information out there about how to find quality care.  There are plenty of anthologies on finances, wills, powers of attorney, and even providing the care yourself.  There is a complete dearth of information for people out there who are having to hire home care, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy.

With this book, I hope to share some of the lessons that I’ve learned- so that my readers don’t have to.  I hope to save them lots of aggravation, and pain- all of the aggravation and pain that I went through myself when I was faced with the situation of having to find quality, caring caregivers for my parents.

It’s not an easy decision to allow someone to come into your home- what if they aren’t compatible, or what if they’re late?  What if they steal from me, or take my mom’s meds?   That’s why it’s important to care about how the agency conducts its interview process, and why it’s important that you ask lots of questions.

I’m hoping that this book will serve as a resource for others, and is a great opportunity to establish credibility and ownership in a great field!

I hope to have it ready by fall of this year.  Wish me luck as I focus on getting the contents of the book laid down in the next couple of months!

Writing a Book 3