Perseverence pays offIf there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that perseverance pays off.   I am probably the poster child of perseverence and sticking with something.  It is true that sometimes perseverance is also tantamount to beating your head against a wall.

3 Ways Perseverence Pays Off

  1. It enables you to achieve great things.  To me, this is probably the most important thing.  Setting goals, and sticking with it until you reach those goals.  For me, it was selling all of the watermelons in my dining room, finishing my MBA, and other accomplishments.  For my daughter, it was getting her black belt in TKD.
  2. If you hit problems, and keep picking at them, you will eventually solve them.  This is especially important in the Tech industry, when writing code, or in other STEM fields.  Most problems require deep thought and analysis, and quite a bit of perseverence to be handled.
  3. Entertainment value.  Yeah.  For me, being told something is impossible, is about all I need to hear to decide to go after it full speed ahead. Sometimes it entertains me to be stubborn, and keep chipping away at something, because I can, and because I know I will ultimately prevail.

The 1 Way Perseverence Does Not Pay off!

Sometimes it is hard to know when to stop, and find another way, or do something different.  Having the judgement to admit that something is futile is tough, and can sometimes be really frustrating.  Being bull headed stops being good when you are no longer achieving results.

Do you know when to stick with things, and when to give up?