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There are times in life when you make a wish, not knowing whether it’ll ever come to fruition, and forget about it completely. You go about your life doing what is needed or required and sort of forget you ever made that wish. I remember where I made my wish vividly.

My parents were looking for a home, and we were going to open houses to see what fit our needs. Looking at all the beautifully decorated and staged homes really got my interest in this profession going, and I remember this one house where this feeling inspired my heart make this wish. When I work, I would like to work as a designer. This is what I think is what I really would want to become, an Interior Designer. When I voiced my choice of this profession, I was told that I need to be an outgoing person and have strong selling skills. And so I ended up pursuing a degree in Marketing. I had gone about halfway through earning my degree when I got married and my responsibilities changed.

It took me quite a few years to realize that Interior Design was truly what gives me pleasure and that I should avail the opportunity. Some years later, when my children were of school age and I was working at JCPenney in their home department, I worked on my selling skills. I used to help customers who would come and purchase bedding, curtains etc. I, without having stepped in their spaces, helped them put together their rooms with matching bath accessories for their master suites, guest bathrooms. I soon realized that I could and knew how to make the sale, so I worked on making this skill a lot stronger. Now that I was earning, I felt that I could avail the opportunity that crossed my path once more, I was lucky to have someone who knew me more than I did myself; namely my mom – who went out of her way to make sure that that my dream comes true for me and paid for the entire course.

Farha Syed Profile PictureI also realized that it was mom’s dream as well to see me become an Interior Designer. This was another thing encouraging me, and I worked really hard to achieve this dream. Even though she is not with me today, I know that she is watching me and is happy that I have completed the certificate program.

Three months after I completed my program, I registered my business. A friend of mine sent me a referral just as I had started my company. The project started small and grew bigger as the initial project was being implemented. I was fortunate to have my first clients, a husband and wife, who believed in me and my skills and gave me free reign to implement my ideas. It was a great start and my clients really loved their space and became (and to this day are) an excellent referral source. Unfortunately, some referrals did not materialize. Time lapsed, and I kept learning all there was to learn about my new profession and helping my friends by giving their homes a makeover and displaying my skills for all to see. Over a year later, I received two inquiries that led to projects, both learning experiences, yet both great additions to my portfolio.

Last year, I was fortunate to have stumbled upon some design communities on Facebook and found my support group. They have been nothing short of inspirational and I have found great mentors with whom I have built some lasting friendships. These friendships have given me the courage to dream big and create some long-term goals that I hope to see come to fruition, probably much sooner than I have anticipated.

Thank You, Mama, this was possible because you believed that I could achieve it. I am still in the works but I am working to make you proud. One day at a time.