LeadersTo be an effective leader, you must have people’s trust.  In order to gain that trust, you quite simply are going to have to give yourself to them.  Being a leader is about confidence that people have in you.  They have to trust that your decisions are going to be in their interest.  After all, most people care about causes, but they also really care about themselves.

Okay- so how do you start?  I think that leadership is about influence, but also about serving.  It is much easier to influence others if you give back.  Think about it.

Who would you be most willing to help?  Someone who has made a lot of deposits in your bank, or someone who hasn’t?  If someone only takes, then how quickly and happily are you going to respond to their requests?  What if they did simple things for you – like thanking you for tasks done?  Or remembered to ask about your kids, or family?

Think of leadership as relationship building.  How would you go about building relationships with people so that they will trust you?  I think that it’s easy if you give yourself.  You will receive back, multiple-fold.