LearningOne of the very real conclusions that I’m coming to is that life is about learning.  To move forward in a career or in life, you have to learn constantly, and acquire new skills.  Now, that said, most people probably don’t quit their daytime job after getting an MBA to buy a CarePatrol Franchise, and start a Home Care Company.  I did that because, well, it seemed like a good enough idea at the time, and because well, I could see the huge need for both in my area.  I can talk about my motivation in another post.  What I’m finding with each business is that even though I have a fantastic team, I am still spending an amazing amount of time studying, and learning, just to achieve a base level of competency in the subjects for the businesses I’m starting.

Life certainly isn’t boring, and I’m learning a lot.  I like to help people, so that helps me when I’m working my way through drudge and paperwork, because I realize that at the end of the day, I will be providing a superior set of services to my community, as well as creating a fair number of jobs.  I’ll also be helping people.  That is, after I get done with learning what I’m doing.  Which is going to require a fair amount of studying.    So don’t mind me while I have to go off to a corner and start studying for my Certified Senior Advisor Certification, as well as the license for the Home Care Company, from the state of North Carolina.  Life is about learning, experiencing new things, and new environments, and about change.  The real constant in life is that everything changes.