I’m sure that you’ve heard the statistics that every day 10,000 people are turning 65.  This means that there are incredible demands for quality, consistent caregiver services.  We did our work, and obtained our companion care license, but remain unable to provide hands on care to our clients, due to a ban on new hands-on home caregiver licenses in North Carolina.  This means that we cannot even help someone to the bathroom, or give them a steadying hand when they walk.

Currently, we have a wait list of several clients that we are unable to help.  Many times, people who need just a few hours of care are completely overlooked by homecare agencies, because they are not lucrative enough.  We would like to be able to help those clients meet their care needs.  By helping them meet their needs, they can stay at home longer, and stay out of facilities longer.

We are forced to refer those clients to other agencies who may or many times do not have capacity or desire to help them.

Please help us to help them.  We want to help people who only need a few hours of care at a time.  We want to provide a higher level of care, including allowing clients to choose their own caregivers.  But we can’t provide hands-on care.  We can only hands-off companion care.  There is no end to the band on home care providers in sight, and it is looking like the North Carolina Legislature will prolong the ban without any discussion on the matter this year.

This means people cannot get the help that they need, and they are forced to turn to assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities. But, since many cannot afford their care for any period of time, that means that they end up being a burden on the state.  And we, the taxpayers end up paying their bills.  It ends up costing all of us more in the end.

Won’t you help us to help them?  Help small businesses stay in business in North Carolina, and grow.

The current budget before the State Senate contains an extension to the current ban on new licenses in North Carolina.  Please contact your state Legislators and let them know that this is affecting all of us negatively.