After I posted yesterday’s blog entry about people you should respect, my 15 year old daughter, reminded that I had forgotten someone very important.  She is correct.  The most important person to respect is yourself.  You can’t do anyone else any good if you do not respect yourself.

Here are some 3 tips on how to respect yourself

  • Accept that there are only 24 hours in a day.  Only so much can get done.  Understand those limits, and respect them.  Don’t beat yourself up for being just one person.
  • You have to sleep, eat right, and exercise.  These are basic tips, but are so important, because you can’t do much else unless you are taking care of yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to be less than perfect.  People make mistakes.  They forget, they get lost.  Be kind do yourself, and cut yourself some slack.

I have to agree with my daughter- and give her a ton of points for pointing out that the most important person to respect is yourself.  Sometimes we learn a lot from our kids.