Think First Then Respond

Tip #2 to maintain a professional attitude at work  is to think things over before you respond to them.  This is especially true for the things that you get asked to do and think “over my dead body” on. Chances are, you’re going to get asked to do tasks that don’t appeal more than a few times in your career, and how you handle those requests, and respond to them will help guide how you do in your career.  Think first then respond.

I’m not saying that you should just smile, and nod, and agree to do whatever you’re being asked to do, unless you’re in boot camp in the military.  Then you just say “Yes Sir”, and do whatever it is that they’re telling you to do.  But in any normal, professional job, you need to figure out how each task strategically meets your career goals.  Some tasks you frankly won’t have any choice about, but don’t make the same mistake I’ve made in the past, and be too accommodating. Don’t just accept any task thrown your way, and roll over and accept it.  Negotiate- “If I take this, and do it well, then I’d like to have an opportunity to work on “y” “.

Have your goals, plan out how each piece fits in the overall picture.

The other way that this advice applies is that sometimes people will lob nasty bombs in your direction, and throw you under the bus.  You do the most damage when you start getting all upset about it, and saying things.  If your response is anything other than apologizing if a wrong has been pointed out, and taking ownership of the problem, then you need to back off and take time to think about what the consequences of your comments are going to be.  Getting upset at work, and throwing accusations around, and getting angry is only going to make you look bad, and hot-headed.  This applies to women especially.  And don’t start crying either, unless someone has died.



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