Lately, I’ve gotten to see some great behavior from employees, and some pretty darn lousy behavior.  There are, some surefire ways to ruin your career, and your job, so I thought I’d share those here in a helpful post.


7 Simple Tips to Ruin Your Career

  1. Develop a reputation as being hard to work with.  Be snippy, snappy, and quick to jump on others on your team when they make any mistakes.  It will endear you to them.
  2. Speak badly of your customers.  It makes people want to spend time around you and makes them think of how lovingly you refer to them when they’re not around as well.
  3. Throw temper tantrums at work.  Crying and regular tears are a winning combination.
  4. Whine about work regularly.  Make sure that your boss knows how much you hate your job.
  5. Complain about pay at least once a month.  Let them know you aren’t making enough, early and often.  This is especially helpful in a startup that isn’t making money yet.  If they pay you more, they’ll just go bust all the faster!
  6. Lie, omit information, or otherwise fail to disclose information.  These make a delightful combination, and ensure that you are completely trustworthy.
  7. Avoid your boss, and reject all help.  After all, you’ve got this.  You don’t need help.  And why in the world would your boss want to what you’re doing with all of your time?

Just follow these tips to ruin your career, job, and friendships.  You’ll build a fantastic reputation, and people will be clamoring to hire you!

What are your best tips to destroy a career?