~by Haley Lynn Gray~

The sheer number of text messages we get in a single day can be mind-boggling. Back and forth – Do this! Hey, did you remember that? What’s for dinner? Who’s going to pick up the kids. Beep.. Beep.. Another text, and another! They keep adding up. You can’t control how many texts you receive, but you can control how you decide to deal with them.

7 Tips for Managing Text Messages 17 Tips for Managing Text Messages

  1. Text Messages are not a synchronous form of communication, and do not require that they be instantly read.
  2. Text Messages do not require an instant response. Therefore, when you are otherwise occupied, do not answer them.
  3. Turn off audible notifications for all except the most important people in your life. That would be your spouse, and perhaps children. If your job depends on it, then that can stay on the audible notification list.
  4. Schedule time to go over your text messages and reply, much like you should be doing with email.
  5. Set a sleep time on your phone, so unless something is super urgent, you won’t be woken up by the BUZZ or chirp of a text message coming in at 2:00 AM.
  6. 7 Tips for Managing Text Messages 2Learn to use talk to text technology so you don’t have to type all that little stuff in.
  7. Use the auto-read function on your texts, so that if you MUST receive text messages while driving, you aren’t looking at your phone.

Text messages are here to stay, and are the main form of communication for some people. Learning to manage those urgent beeps and buzzes is key to maintaining sanity. Otherwise you may find yourself going crazy at the avalanche of electronic messages.



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