One thing that really makes me cringe in the workplace is people- NOT-  thinking before they speak.  They say things that have much broader implications and interpretations.  They make sweeping statements, and broad generalizations.  They will make personal attacks.  They are vulgar in their commentary, and frankly downright rude at times. Words Maim.  They cut people to the quick.  People remember words for a very, very long time.  Say something hurtful in an argument with a spouse, or the heat of the moment, and watch that comment come back to haunt you for the next 20 years.  Think before you speak.  Think very carefully if you want what’s coming out of your mouth coming back to you again, and again.

Some people make themselves look like idiots when they open their mouths.  They fail to think, and realize that what is coming out reflects on themselves.  What they are saying may be quite true, but when words spew forth unthinkingly, and without care, they send a very strong impression and message.  Those words have a very nasty way of splattering back on the person who said them, and sticking, especially in the mind of the person on the receiving end.

What you say can and will be used against you in someone’s mind.  It will stick.  The bad will stick much more than the good, just as perfume over a foul stench just makes a perfumed bad stench.  The bad smell doesn’t go away.  Just as those thoughts don’t leave people’s minds.

So, I encourage you- to think before you speak.  Every time.  Even if you have to bite your tongue until it bleeds because something NEEDS saying.